How to sneak in extra greens and veggies

Sneak in your greens and veggies

Keep veggies visible
Some switched-on snacking studies, show that people – particularly kids – are more likely to eat what they regularly see. So, all those greens in the fridge? It’s a case of less ‘out of sight, out of mind’ … and more ‘out of fridge, into reach’. Tactic: Bowl of fruit or platter of carrots, front and centre!

If visible veggies doesn’t do the trick then here’s five delicious ways to get some good, healthy and yes – green – food into those fussy little (… and big!) mouths.

Smoothie Operator
Hide all that greeny goodness in a smoothie that’s cunningly dressed with bright fruits like tangy raspberries and sweet banana.

Cheesy veggies
Chop up some broccoli and mix them into a creamy garlic sauce or better still garnish with a healthy sprinkling of grated parmesan. You’ll have cleaner plates than normal we’re sure!

Pick your pesto
Pesto has the heroic garlicy and lemony capabilities to hide the bland flavours of greenies, even the bitterness of kales. Chicken and rice dishes click with it, and there’s plenty of flavoursome pesto to pick from!

Snappy snacks
Carrots and celery… meh! But carrots and celery with hummus, yogurt or cream cheese dip? Now, you’re talking. And dipping. And eating. And loving.

Mix and mash
Switch your usual starchy mashed potato to way-less-starchy mashed cauliflower. The kids (… and adults) will hardly notice the difference, apart from a lovely non-starchy creaminess of cauli. A banger of an idea!

If you are still having trouble getting them in, then try our greens powder. Its delish and packs a punch with 1kg of veggies per serve

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