Rosacea On Face: Symptoms Causes Treatments

Rosacea On Face: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Rosacea is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that presents itself in the skin surface as red, prickly and inflamed areas. The condition causes the blood vessels beneath the skin surface to become swollen and visible, often appearing with red bumps, heat, irritation and general swelling. So what causes rosacea and how can you improve the symptoms associated with the condition?

Rosacea occurs in the face, typically in the cheeks, nose and around the mouth area. It can be very mild, causing the individual to look like they are blushing. It can also be more severe and noticeable, appearing with pus filled bumps and irritated, swollen or dry skin. The condition can occur in both men and women of all ages, but most commonly occurs in middle aged women with fair skin; the reasons for this demographic are unknown.

In fact, the reasons for the entire condition are largely unknown. Medical professionals believe that it occurs due to a combination of genetic factors including abnormal facial blood vessels that are quicker to flush and dilate than others, having a light skin colour, a specific bacterial strain in the gut that causes blood vessels to dilate more readily or if the condition is hereditary.

The condition can be triggered by a number of environmental factors including long term prescription drug use that dilates blood vessels, alcohol, temperature extremes, a reaction to cosmetics, sun damage and emotional triggers.

It is not considered a dangerous condition, but it can be very unpleasant for the people who experience it. For those who experience rosacea, it is usually a source of insecurity, embarrassment or annoyance. It can make sufferers feel unconfident in public, particularly if the condition is mistaken for acne or due to poor hygiene (both of which are untrue). This has led many to try and find a cure; but unfortunately, there is no known cure for the condition, but there are ways to relieve the symptoms.

The Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque by Beauty of Action is a roll on skin treatment that creates a breathable barrier over the skin that mimics the outer layer of skin. It is not makeup, but evens out skin tone, texture and de-colouration which helps to soften the appearance of rosacea by muting the redness and textural complaints.

Not only does it improve the appearance of the skin, it also helps to deeply moisturise the skin by ensuring your skin doesn’t lose hydration which is integral to having youthful, fresh and glowing skin. The product contains all natural ingredients and is non-toxic, meaning that it won’t cause skin flare ups for those with sensitive skin.

If you want to improve your rosacea today then buy the Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque to feel more confident in your skin.

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