Aimee Kenney & Michael Grande

About us

Beauty of Action is a brand committed to top-quality service and top-quality products. Partnering with Ariix International as an independent representative, we have engineered a platform that is efficient and customer-centric. There is no reason for you stock up on ineffective mystery supplements or beauty products ever again. We have devised a new, cutting-edge approach to beauty, keeping the promises that we make to our customers – always.

Focusing on research-based practices, Ariix has established themselves as an effective and reliable organisation. They have worked hard to build a reputation for products that make a real and lasting impact on your healthy lifestyle. For yourself and for the people you care about most, Ariix is there to facilitate positive living in the long term.

True beauty is a result not just of what you put on your body but also what you put in it, all the food and all the supplements that you consume, the diet that you follow, the nutrients that you absorb. We believe in the power of beauty from the inside out, this philosophy driving our strategy and approach in the health and wellness market.

Collectively we have six kids so we know exactly what its like to be busy, have limited time for yourself and be unmotivated to focus on our health. We built this business after we became parents, spending the last five years figuring out what it takes to achieve success in the ever-competitive health and wellness space. Aimee, has a degree in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Public Health. Michael previously worked as a registered nurse, together accruing over twenty years of experience in the health industry.

When we were first looking into the health and wellness market, we had seen just how deeply corporations and the government were affecting our lives – and in the worst of ways. We were enthusiastic about launching a business that would represent a counterbalance to these forces. Falling in love with the products that we found, we knew that we were on the right track. Our partnership with Ariix International has ushered in a new era in our lives, and it is an era about which we could not be any happier. For all your skin, health, wellness, and weight loss solutions, we are here to help you. Contact us today to learn more!