About us

Beauty of Action is a brand committed to top-quality service and top-quality products. Partnering with Ariix International as an independent representative, I wanted to provide a platform that is easy to use but more importantly, is all about your success.

It is your choice – here at Beauty of Action, you get to choose your transformation! My job is to help you make that happen, not through you buying ineffective mystery supplements or beauty products you don’t need but by providing a whole new, science based approach to beauty, health, wellness and so much more.

Focusing on research-based practices, Ariix has established themselves as an effective and reliable organisation. They have worked hard to build a reputation for products that make a real and lasting impact on your healthy lifestyle. For yourself and for the people you care about most, Ariix is there to facilitate positive living in the long term.

True beauty is a result not just of what you put on your body but also what you put in it, all the food and all the supplements that you consume, the diet that you follow, the nutrients that you absorb. I truly believe in the power of beauty from the inside out, this philosophy driving our strategy and approach in the health and wellness market.

And the more you dive into the Ariix world, the more surprises you will find. Ariix prides itself on being a ‘House of Brands’ and so there are always new and exciting products and brands that I get the pleasure to share with you.

For me, it was literally this simple .. I fell in love with some products that made me feel more confident, that made me feel better and healthier and then I told someone else about them. And that’s where this all began.

I am a single mum to a gorgeous little four year old boy, busy as all mums are and have spent the last 21 years working in the public sector. Trust me, this is not something I went looking for but instead was dropped into my lap and oh my goodness, I really wish someone had told me about this way of ‘working’ 20 years ago!

My partnership with Ariix International is something I am truly proud of. I am continually blown away by the professionalism, integrity and care that our Founders and Corporate staff have for not only their Independent Representatives but also for each and every person that uses our products.

For all your skin, health, wellness, weight loss solutions and more, I am here to help you. I can’t wait to help you get started on your transformational journey!