4 Toothpaste Ingredients to Avoid

4 Toothpaste Ingredients to Avoid

Brushing your teeth morning and night is integral to any grooming and personal hygiene routine and should never be ignored. Bacteria builds up inside your mouth throughout the day and night, and food often gets lodged in between teeth and gums without you even noticing. This transparent layer of bacteria is the reason why your teeth can get the furry feeling if you don’t brush your teeth properly, or you forget. So we know it’s important: but what about the toothpaste you’re using?

The majority of people are not aware about the chemicals in the toothpaste that they use every day, but think about it for a moment: what are you actually putting into your mouth and rubbing all around twice per day, every day, for every year of your life. What makes the colour of it blue, or green? What holds it together into the thick paste and how does it have a specific taste? These are all questions you should be asking, to ensure you are not consuming an abundance of chemicals unknowingly.

You may be savvy with your food choices and you may even turn a food item over to read the ingredients list before purchasing, but it’s unlikely you do the same for your toothpaste. So we’ve broken down some of the most common ingredients in the leading brands of toothpaste to avoid.

The 4 Toothpaste Ingredients You Should Avoid:

1. Sodium Fluoride

Sodium fluoride, a by-product of aluminium manufacturing, is most commonly found in a few things including rat poison, industrial pesticides and most likely your toothpaste.

2. Triclosan

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified this ingredient as a pesticide, due to its danger to humans and the environment. But still, check the toothpaste list of ingredients, it’s probably number two on that list.

3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

When combined with certain other chemicals, like the ones present in your toothpaste, this ingredient transforms into a carcinogen in the body, accumulating in the heart, liver, lungs and brain.

4. Propylene Glycol

The active ingredient in antifreeze, propylene glycol is the wetting agent in toothpaste that turns the paste into a foam with the addition of water. It actually helps your body absorb the chemicals in toothpaste more readily through the skin, and is extremely hazardous if too much is ingested.

I’m sure after reading this you’ve thrown out your toothpaste, and rightly so. So what are your options for clean, glistening teeth? Beauty of Action’s Reviive Toothpaste contains none of the aforementioned chemicals, in favour of calcium carbonate, hydrated silica and naturally mild abrasives that are not hazardous to human health. The product is formulated without fluoride or artificial flavours, but flavoured instead with peppermint essential oil to leave your teeth feeling clean and fresh, naturally.

So if you want a safer, healthier and more natural option as part of your personal hygiene routine, buy the Reviive Toothpaste today.

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