Dangers of Unfiltered Water While Travelling

Dangers of Unfiltered Water While Travelling

Water is not purified wherever you go, it may seem safe to drink because it comes out of the tap but that is unfortunately not a given for most places that you go. So what are the dangers to human health if you regularly consume unfiltered water?

Tap water is filled with contaminants and bacteria, due to how it’s sourced. Firstly, it’s probably second hand water. More than 10 percent of all tap water is recycled, going from toilet to tap. Australia, Singapore and some states in the US use recycled water to help ease water shortages and to increase the accessibility of ‘clean’ water. The method to clean water has not advanced in decades and the regulation that is used to establish whether water is clean enough for human consumption only regulates 91 chemicals, which is only scratching the surface of what exists in our water today.

There are thousands of chemicals in tap water, including cleaning products, medications, industrial waste and so much more that is not safe for human consumption. One such chemical found in water is chlorine. Chlorine is a toxic chemical used to clean public water supplies from waste and kill the most dangerous bacteria build ups like E.coli.

It is used in public swimming pools to try and sanitise all the bacteria brought in on human bodies, but would you drink the water from a public swimming pool? If you don’t use a water filter, this is essentially what you are doing. Chlorine is extremely hazardous to human health when ingested, and causes cancer. In fact, the National Cancer Institute estimated that people who drink unfiltered chlorinated water have a 90 percent higher risk of cancer. 90 percent! Better start filtering your water for the health of you and your family.

Hard water is the most common type of tap water, which means it has a high percentage of minerals like calcium present in the water. While this can be fine for human health, ‘heavy’ also means that it has a heavy concentration of metals like lead and aluminium that are not safe for human consumption. These heavy metals are toxic to the body and have been linked to brain and kidney damage.

It can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you are only drinking filtered water, particularly if you are travelling or on the go. There might not be filtered water in office buildings or friends houses and you may be stuck drinking tap or bottled water. But unfortunately drinking bottled water also has associated dangers. The plastic of the bottle breaks down and releases dangerous chemicals into the water that you are unknowingly consuming. It’s also terrible for the planet: the plastic water bottle you used 10 years ago still exists today.

The Puritii Water Filter 2.0 by Beauty of Action is a portable water filtration system that you can bring with you wherever you go to ensure that you are drinking only the safest, best quality water. Unlike most water filter systems, the Puritii Water Filter uses a proprietary two part filtration process to filter out biological, chemical and emerging contaminants.

If you want to rid yourself from the risks of tap and bottled water, get your hands on the Puritii Water Filter today.

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