Vitamins and Minerals How to Get What You Need

How to get all the nutrients that you need?

Vitamins and minerals are known as “micronutrients” and they are essential nutrients that perform a plethora of important roles in the body. A healthy individual will consume a healthy amount of each nutrient and vitamin from their diet, based on government recommended dietary allowance guidelines (RDAs).

Daily body functions require an array of different vitamins and each has a different job including helping you resist infections, keeping your nerves healthy and helping your body absorb energy from food. Some examples of vitamins are B, K, C and D. Minerals also help your body to function, these include calcium, magnesium and potassium to name a few.

Minerals like calcium is important for strengthening bones and teeth and is found in milk and other dairy produce as well as some plant foods like collard greens and kale. To ensure that you are consuming enough vitamins and minerals, make sure you are having 8-10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and eating a varied diet.

Supplementing vitamin and minerals is a great idea, particularly if you can not get all your nutrients from your diet alone. If you’re being realistic, it’s unlikely for the majority of people to get 10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. You may be on a special diet like the vegan diet, in which case supplementing with vitamin B is important as this is found in meat and dairy produce, so a lot of vegans are not getting enough.

If you feel as though you are not performing at optimal capacity, you may be nutrient deficient and should look to supplement your diet. So what does performing at optimal capacity look like? It means you’re rarely tired, your skin is clear, your digestion is great, you are able to focus during a task, your hair and nails are strong… and so many more great effects.

If you want a nutrient boost because you feel yourself lacking in one or more of the departments mentioned above, then check out Nutrifii supplements. Here are some top products to help you on your way:

Nutrifii Omega-Q

Omega fatty acids are super important for your body and your brain and is one of the most researched nutrients! Omegas (both DHA and EPA) help fight depression , improve eye health , promote brain health and improve risk factors for heart disease including reducing triglycerides and blood pressure .

Nutrifii Biopro-Q

This product provides energy at the cellular level, combining the amazing biohacking ingredients CoQ10 and BioPerine (black pepper extract). This boosts mitochondria and cellular functioning to keep you feeling energised and youthful.

Nutrifii MOA II Super Nutrition Blend

This product contains 36 superfoods. Yes 36! If you’re taking this, you don’t need to worry about trying to get access to all the expensive, hard to get superfoods. The product helps to reduce oxidative damage, improve digestion, cellular defence and immune function. It’s a one product wonder.

If you’re experiencing health issues, you may be nutrient deficient. Make sure you are eating an abundant healthy diet and supplementing to ensure you are consuming enough micronutrients to optimise your health, body and mind.

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