The Secret To Healthy Weightloss

Isolation was tough for pretty much everyone. And I know a lot of us have taken some comfort in chocolate over this period.

No shame in that, it’s been tough.

Not only that, but isolation is BORING! Which brings with it the temptation to snack, just for something to do.

But we run the risk of not just taking those extra iso-kilos out of lockdown with us, we might take the habits too.

So if you want to stop those habits in their tracks and feel healthier than you did before Covid 19 hit, here are some tips for truly healthy weight loss.

First off, hydrate! Drink water.

I mean it. Take a sip of that water.

No, more. More. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Hydration is truly the first step to healthy weight loss. Especially if the reason we put on weight in the first place was due to snacking.

Did you know that the feeling of hunger and the feeling of thirst are incredibly similar and therefore easy to confuse with each other?

It’s true. So here’s something that we should all start doing today. Before you reach for those chips or even an apple, have a few sips of water.

Make sure you’ve had a good drink and then give it a few minutes. If you’re still feeling peckish, help yourself to a healthy snack. The apple was a pretty good choice.

Portion control is often spouted as an important factor in weight loss but hydration helps here too. Drink a glass of water before every meal. Doing so will kick start your metabolism but also ensure that you eat as much as you need, instead of as much as you feel like eating.

Secondly, there are some foods that can help you to control the mechanisms in your body that influence weight gain and loss.

It almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But it’s really not all that out there – the things you eat obviously have a huge effect on your body. You rely on the food and things you consume to provide your body with all the things it needs to function. That means that your hormones and other functions are influenced by the food you eat.

For example, your body uses chemicals to signal to your brain when you’re hungry and when you’re full. Instead of relying purely on will power to control whether you beat the munchies, you can give your body some guarana seed extract. This extract can actually help you feel satiated and reduce those hunger pains.

Cinnamon bark extract can help reduce cravings too. It is useful for maintaining normal blood glucose levels. Glucose is the fuel your body runs on. If your blood detects that it isn’t carrying enough glucose it triggers the release of hormones that signal that you need to eat. Regulating your blood sugar helps prevent those hunger pains.

Now, you know I’m not going to make you hunt down guarana seed and cinnamon bark extracts. Our day drops have both of those, not to mention other ingredients that boost your metabolism, support digestion and control hormones that cause weight gain.

Paired with this we have our night drops working with the ingredients in the day drops to support your body. The ingredients in these drops are focused on improving sleep and lessening stress.

When you are stressed your body releases Cortisol which is directly related to fat storage in your body. It’s the same chemical that is released when you’re tired.

We know stress and lack of sleep aren’t great for our bodies but it turns out they can contribute to weight gain too! As if they needed to be worse.

But our night drops help combat these, ensuring you are less stressed and more well rested so that your body doesn’t feel the need to let cortisol out.

For example, it contains holy basil powder which directly lowers cortisol levels. It also encourages relaxation with Astragalus root powder.

Taken together, these drops are a powerful tool for healthy weight loss.

Just add water and your weight loss is in the bag!

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