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How to achieve YOUR best shape

How to achieve YOUR best shape We’ve all heard it – being ‘skinny’ is no longer the ultimate beauty benchmark, fit is the new thin. Finally, the world is realising that we’re not all the same, and that’s something to be celebrated. If we were all identical, the world would be a very grey place. […]

8 ways to manage your acne

Acne is a burden that too many adolescents and young adults face. It creates fear of going out in public and can create long term damage to the skin in the form of scarring. So what can we do about it? First, we need to know what it is in order to figure out how […]

9 ways to improve your gut health

9 WAYS TO IMPROVE GUT HEALTH When we talk about gut health, we are referring to the balance of microbes that reside in our digestive tract but why is that so important to our health? The simple answer is that microbes and more specifically microbiome have been proven to have huge benefits to improving our […]

How to sneak in extra greens and veggies

Sneak in your greens and veggies Keep veggies visible Some switched-on snacking studies, show that people – particularly kids – are more likely to eat what they regularly see. So, all those greens in the fridge? It’s a case of less ‘out of sight, out of mind’ … and more ‘out of fridge, into reach’. […]

How Can I Minimise the Appearance of Stretch Marks?

Let’s be real: stretch marks are very common. It is reported that 50 to 90 percent of people will experience stretch marks in their lifetime, commonly during puberty, pregnancy or from gaining weight. For some people, they go totally unnoticed. But for others, they are a source of embarrassment or insecurity, so how can I […]

Are You Always Tired? 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Are you always tired? You wake up on Monday morning and your first thought is ‘Wow, I’m tired’. Unfortunately it’s a thought that lingers until your first coffee and creeps back in every couple of hours when the coffee wears off, sound familiar? We’re a nation of tired people. So how can you boost your […]

Dangers of Unfiltered Water While Travelling

Water is not purified wherever you go, it may seem safe to drink because it comes out of the tap but that is unfortunately not a given for most places that you go. So what are the dangers to human health if you regularly consume unfiltered water?

How to get all the nutrients that you need?

Vitamins and minerals are known as “micronutrients” and they are essential nutrients that perform a plethora of important roles in the body. A healthy individual will consume a healthy amount of each nutrient and vitamin from their diet, based on government recommended dietary allowance guidelines (RDAs).

Rosacea On Face: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Rosacea is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that presents itself in the skin surface as red, prickly and inflamed areas. The condition causes the blood vessels beneath the skin surface to become swollen and visible, often appearing with red bumps, heat, irritation and general swelling. So what causes rosacea and how can you improve […]

What are warts and how to get rid of them?

Warts. Even the word is pretty off-putting, and that is how a lot of people feel who experience them. But they’re nothing to be ashamed about, in fact they’re fairly common with around 10 to 20 percent of people experiencing them at least one point during their lifetime. But they don’t look great on the […]